Insulated Windows


Windows are natural energy savers, especially if they are new.  Their insulation feature provides resistance to heat transmission, according to The R-value is used to measure the material’s resistance to heat flow. Essentially, the higher the R-value, the better insulation properties the material has.

That’s the beauty of having new windows in South Lyon. You can experience the full benefits of their insulation feature, such as the following:

Energy Efficiency

Aside from R-Value, U-Value is another key player in energy efficiency. U-Value is the term used to measure the rate of heat transmission through a material. The slower the heat transfer, the better. That means you can use your air-conditioning less, as your home stays cooler for a longer period. A well-insulated window has high R-Value and low U-Value, just like the windows we install. At Pro Bros Window and Sunrooms, our windows let you make the most of the available energy in your home.


Insulation starts with the window’s glass material. Our advanced low-E glass decreases the chances of heat from entering and escaping. The microscopic thin layers of oxidized metal in our low-E glass filter the light that comes in. Because of this, much of the heat energy is reflected back to its source. With our low-E glass, you can enjoy a cooler home during summer, yet experience a warmer environment during winter.


Windows with sufficient insulation properties protect your home against harsh elements. Our low-E glass has specialized coating that prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating. With our windows, your furniture is safe from color fading and sun damage. If your windows are old, however, there’s a big chance that some of their features are compromised. Don’t waste time; ensure the protection of your family and interior by installing new windows.

If you need replacement windows in Howell, MI, that offer the mentioned benefits and more, we can help you. We install replacement windows made of natural wood, hybrid, and vinyl reinforced with fiberglass. They are available in various styles such as single-hung, double-hung, casement, and sliding windows. We have a team that’s fully trained and equipped to make excellent installations.

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