Energy Efficient Windows


Energy efficiency is one of the primary reasons homeowners choose to replace their windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, inefficient windows account for roughly 30% of total energy loss inside your home. That’s a lot of wasted energy!

The best units can dramatically reduce your utility spending over the long haul. But how can you tell if your current windows, are energy-efficient enough? Here are three ways.

  1. Observe your heating and cooling bills.

Poor-quality units let indoor air escape from the home. This leads to an overworked HVAC system and skyrocketing utility bills. Are heating and cooling eating up a huge chunk of your monthly household budget? Have professionals inspect your windows. You may be losing costly energy if they have defects.

  1. Check the frame and glass material.

Some materials insulate better than others. Vinyl and fiberglass frames, for example, have excellent insulating properties. Many feature insulated chambers and fusion-welded corners for maximum efficiency. Wood is an excellent choice too as it insulates significantly better than metal.

Efficient frames work best when paired with double- or triple-pane glass. The multiple layers provide extra protection against solar heat gain and loss. If your windows have a low-emissivity (low-E) coating, that’s even better news! Low-E coatings keep heat where it should be: out during summer and in during winter.

  1. Verify that the units were installed correctly.

Installation plays a significant role in window performance. A poor install creates gaps around the unit where costly energy can escape. If you find that your current units have been poorly installed, it could be time to consider replacement.

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